If the graphics look odd, press F5 to fix them.

If the game loses focus, please click the grey area around the game to continue playing normally! Sorry, I don't have a better way to fix this at the moment.

---   ---   ---

Doki Doki Literature Club concept is property of Team Salvato

Sprites and game by Purrine
Music by GIRakaCHEEZER // 3Pills
Additional art by Minshoko // DJ-Bapho // PrinceMatchaCakes // RoyalOppai

Made for the "Monika's Special Day" visual novel project


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they will not pop?

 What the fuck is wrong with you


why this game dosen't work? I want to play but I can't.


I love this game so much! :3

I want to download this game to PC.


Hey, just asking, is there somewhere where I can get the chibi versions that appear on the menu of the game? Like, a sole picture or something?